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Making Sense of Change ManagementBest-selling book Making Sense of Change Management, co-authored by Integral Change Director Esther Cameron, is a comprehensive guide to the frameworks, tools and techniques of organisational change. Written for leaders and change agents alike, the book includes sections on practical applications, together with thought-provoking inquiries exploring the challenges of working more emergently. Find out more

Leader: know thyself!

dna-small-portrait We use our own ‘Five Essential Qualities’ framework to both ground and invigorate our leadership development work. This simple yet profound model, defined by five broad ‘archetypes’ and underpinned by a set of core skills, represents a synthesis of the best known leadership literature. Find out more

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Where we have worked in collaboration with other consultancies, companies are shown with a grey line beneath.

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Summary of our work with the leadership of a niche global business, transforming itself via an ambitious acquisition and digital strategy.

New Research Project!

We’re currently surveying and talking to young millennials aged 20-30, in paid or unpaid work, about their relationship with leadership and what type of support they require.