The Five Qualities leadership framework offers a simple, yet profound way of understanding the range of different qualities a leader needs to be able to access, and then master, to be truly effective in today’s complex, fast-moving organisations.

We tend to use these qualities to energise and illuminate our leadership development work in a way that brings both dynamism and rigour to our teaching, and the way be help leaders to focus on particular aspects of their leadership that are missing, or require strengthening.

Tenacious Implementor

Brings drive and determination to delivering agreed outcomes to schedule – and doesn’t micro-manage!

Measured Connector

Focuses on the people dimension of work, bringing care and staying calm but open – and doesn’t smother people!

Visionary Motivator

Communicates purpose or direction using words and images in a way that is heartfelt, and inspires people to come on a journey – and doesn’t get over-inflated!

Thoughtful Architect

Spends time thinking about how work needs to be framed so that others can grasp the bigger picture and respond intelligently – and doesn’t disappear!

Edgy Catalyser

Draws attention to what’s not working or is getting in the way of high performance, through bringing constructive tension – and doesn’t become aggressive!

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Published Feb 2017

Backed up by research, and honed via feedback from hundreds of leaders who’ve worked with it, this published framework has immediate ‘face validity’, yet can be returned to over several years using the various materials and exercises we’ve developed, to continually support leaders to deepen and expand…

Entry-level leaders

tend to appreciate and feel energized by the simplicity and apparent accessibility of the framework.

Mid-level leaders

use the qualities to uncover core strengths and work on weaker areas, deepening skills and growing resilience.

Senior-level leaders

become stimulated, through our advanced level framework descriptors, to re-frame their sense of what’s possible at a more strategic level.


Find out how we used this framework in our leadership work with a complex, culturally diverse manufacturing site.

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