The Dominant Needs Analysis (DNA) tool*

This new, Dominant Needs Analysis (DNA) psychometric opens up a novel and deeper way of surfacing and understanding an individual’s underlying values and how these drive behavioural patterns.

More specifically, DNA can illuminate why individuals’ respond to the challenges of change in the way that they do and, also, what leaders may have to work harder at in order to lead change more effectively.

dna-medium-portraitFree access here! if you want to complete the DNA psychometric and receive your sample, Short DNA Report by email.

If you find this engaging, you will have the option to pay £240 (inc.VAT) to receive a more personalised, Comprehensive DNA Report and receive an optional Skype debrief with an Integral Change coach.

Used across a team, or Division, the DNA psychometric can deliver invaluable insights regarding the synergies and tensions across the group: for example, helping a leader to anticipate how different factions are likely to respond to change and collaborate with each other (or not!) as any change agenda is progressed. Typically, ‘Sales and Marketing’ will orient to a change agenda very differently from those in ‘Operations’ – and then there will be considerable individual variations within these functions…

Similarly, DNA can support powerfully the specific challenge of culture change – illuminating, for example, what sort of interventions may be required to help a particular sub-culture within an organisation to embrace an organisational value-set that it otherwise might find problematic.

For those leaders wanting to go deeper, the psychometric opens up especially fruitful ways for a coach to help them explore their underlying motivations and how to shift particularly stuck behaviours in relation to both issues and people.

Ultimately, this DNA psychometric is able to bring a new level of insight, challenge and support to the larger, contemporary requirement to enable the ‘vertical development’ of leaders: that is to help leaders expand their capacities to work more successfully with the increasing levels of complexity and difficulty being experienced in organisational life and the world more generally.

Remarkably, the DNA psychometric only takes 10 minutes to complete – and yet individuals report that it has delivered breakthrough insights and an entirely new framework for understanding their developmental trajectory…

* DNA has been developed by our Associate Neil Griffiths, Director of Song Ltd, with the explicit support of Professor Shalom Schwartz whose theory of basic human values underpins the tool.  This theory derives from research across 82 countries and has cross-cultural validity.
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