We offer a range of ways for you to understand both what is going on in your organisation, and how your colleagues’ capabilities and attitudes relate to this. This helps you to define, catalyse and resource your change agenda accordingly.

How we work

We specialise in providing a ‘just-right’ level of data and analysis – together with a quality of insight, personal support and truthfulness that clients frequently find both surprising and empowering.   This enables unusual levels of client engagement, considered interpretation and confident next steps.

Our diagnostics vary from customisable on-line tools to skilled face-to-face interviews and focus groups.  We also offer ‘shadowing’ and post-event feedback – and have over ten years’  experience of working with leading-edge, systemic processes such ‘constellations’.

Some of these tools work well at the beginning of a change process; others can be used as targeted interventions during the change – or simply to measure progress as you go.

Example Diagnostics

  • Confidential 1:1 ‘change readiness’ or ‘change progress’ interviews – and report
  • ‘Organisational Change Capacity’ questionnaire
  • Change Leadership 360: to appraise individual and team leadership strengths and maturity, drawing on the Five Leadership Qualities model
  • Leadership Drivers: what are your underlying Needs and Motivations? An on-line psychometric to uncover the values driving the behaviours of your leadership population
  • Organisational Constellation (94kb PDF) – in situ or off-site
  • ChangeWeaver – a sophisticated, on-line/App interface supporting both culture change and change progress tracking – in real time.
  • Organisational Change Sensing – via focus groups
Integral ChangeContact: To talk about your organisation and how our services and experience may be of benefit please contact us.

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How to get started: some possibilities…

  • Contact us to arrange a Skype or face-to-face conversation about the key aspects of your  organisational, personal or team situation that you’d like to explore further
  • Review an extract from our ‘Change Leadership 360’ questionnaire and set up a call to talk through how this might work for you/your organisation
  • Invite one of us to accompany you through a trial constellation process, so that you can experience the considerable potential of this powerful process
  • Take 10 minutes to trial the standard version of our on-line ChangeWeaver tool – and set up a call to explore how a bespoke version could serve your situation
  • Find out more about your own personal drivers and needs – and the implication of these for your change leadership – by taking 10 minutes here to complete our Dominant Needs Analysis (DNA) diagnostic
  • Invite us to run a focus group in your organisation, to explore underlying attitudes to the change being planned or already underway


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