Mobilising Networks

We offer skilled facilitation and capability-building services to both internal and external networks.  Mobilising these networks effectively often brings much additional value and support to complex change…

How we work

We bring a whole system perspective to seeing exactly where additional support and skill-building is required – and also how the network might best be leveraged to serve its goals.

We partner sensitively but robustly – maximising the contributions of those within the network, while offering our own skills in a way that develops network discipline and delivers continuous learning and development. This ensures that the network is able to function effectively, respond and grow as its context changes – and deliver against its objectives.

This way of working often grows new individual and organisational capabilities in the process.

Keys to success

We’ve learnt that the keys to successful networks are:-

  • a clear sense of purpose and relationship to the sponsoring organisation’s objective(s)
  • combining facilitation with development – so the network becomes a living source of growth, rather than a drain…
  • insisting on participant responsibility-taking and adult-to-adult forms of interaction.
  • sufficiently regular face-to-face interaction to complement virtual working
  • committed support and healthy relationship to key line-leaders
esther and nickContact: To talk about your organisation and how our services and experience may be of benefit please contact us.

Typical examples

We are experienced in growing and supporting networks of change professionals and leaders from different, but related, organisations who are seeking to collaborate and learn together.  Examples include:

  • running an expanding set of intimate, regionally-based head-teacher networks (primary and secondary state schools) in the UK – supporting the leadership of change in schools, while growing leadership skills
  • supporting a network of experienced change leaders to identify and share key learnings about what makes for successful change in the transport sector
  • designing and facilitating experiential learning and knowledge-exchange events for OD professionals working in leading European corporations

We have also supported internal change agent networks:–

  • advising a large energy supplier on how best to mobilise a change agent population in support of a culture change initiative
  • designing and facilitating a bi-monthly ‘leadership forum’ to engage and grow a cadre of change leaders across a manufacturing site
  • supporting an in-house team of Senior HR Professionals to develop their capacity to act as change agents in support of a performance improvement initiative


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How to get started

  • book a 45-minute Skype to help you review how your existing ‘change network’ is operating and consider what might be needed to increase its effectiveness, or talk through how to set something up and what it’s purpose and remit might be
  • consider whether a ‘collaboration strategy’ with industry peers might enable you to attain a new level of sophistication in change approach, or bolder strategic outcomes
  • if you are a Head Teacher and would be interested to know more about our Jubilee Networks, please be in touch
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