Shift the Dialogue; Shift the Culture

This briefing paper has been written by our Associate, Kevin Eyre, who has considerable experience helping organisations embed processes and cultures supportive of ‘continuous improvement’.

In this paper, he documents how there are different stages that organisations go through on their ‘continuous improvement’ journey, with each stage requiring a different inter-personal leadership style. This in turn suggests that leaders need to grow their dialogue and coaching skills if they are truly committed to ‘continuous improvement’ – supporting their own shift from ‘directive’ tendencies to a more sophisticated ‘coaching’ style, and helping their work-force move to more empowered and responsible ways of working.

The paper helpfully identifies nine different forms of ‘voice’ – such as ‘inquire’, ‘critique’, ‘advise’ etc. – which any leader can become skilled in identifying, growing and mobilising appropriately, depending on their context.

The paper also gives compelling insight into how a related diagnostic tool, called SoundWave, can support leaders in their learning and navigation of this territory.

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