Established in 2010, Integral Change Consulting was built on 35+ years of organisational change consultancy experience and the complementary practices of Co-Founders Nick Mayhew and Esther Cameron.

The company has established a significant reputation for delivering tangible outcomes in a wide range of complex change contexts, demonstrated by our well-documented case studies. Our uniquely bespoke way of working is described below.

In essence, we:

  • advise and coach senior leaders
  • devise and deliver ‘change interventions’
  • and simultaneously build change leadership capability, as required.

Our purpose is to serve the emergent potential of organisations and individuals as they face or initiate change. We are interested to see this potential flourish in as many dimensions as possible: financially, creatively, organisationally, culturally…

This work involves leveraging leading-edge thinking and practice through robustly supportive relationships – with generosity, tough-mindedness and as much grace as possible!

You’ll find our approach is personal – as we believe that a certain depth of relationship is required to hold and contain the anxieties and complexities of organisational change.

We are different because…

… of the way we help you to:

  1. Address what really needs to be addressed – however tricky
  2. Stay focused on core deliverableswhile you also change and build capability
  3. Take charge and strengthen your leadership – rather than have us take over
  4. Progress change and grow skills within the flow of your business – instead of putting up with disconnected and overly-elaborate programmes
  5. Engage your people in the challenges and motivate them to participate and deliver – instead of making them feel ‘done to’
  6. Develop a culture of greater responsibility-taking and mutual respect – rather create ‘victims’ and inter-personal conflict
  7. Instigate and negotiate change skilfully – as opposed to making people frightened and defensive
  8. Ensure ‘joined-up-ness’ – instead of generating an array of fragmented activities that confuse rather than motivate

None of this is easy. We don’t know all the answers.

But, if we are able to partner with your key leaders in a robust way – so they bring all their insight and authority, while we offer all our experience, challenge and support – we have shown consistently that impressive, breakthrough results are possible…

Esther and NickContact: To talk about your organisation and how our services and experience may be of benefit please contact us.
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