Our bespoke approach to culture change and behaviour change depends on accurately identifying the deeper levers to change in the wider organisation. Experience has led us to understand that the keys to shifting attitutudes and behaviours in an organisation often lie less in ‘programmes’ working at the level of ‘behaviour change’ – and more in making changes at the more fundamental level of structures and processes underpinning the actual operation of the business.

So, we use a non-programmatic approach to culture change, resisting the temptation to come up with a grand plan that claims to understand the whole problem and then dictates a set way through. We start with a light-touch diagnosis which we feedback to the leadership team, and then depending on the context, begin to co-create a phased plan to address the issues that engage the energies of different levels of management. 

Our skills lie in helping you to engage the energies of others in the change process, through facilitating large scale events (which your leaders lead) or co-creating innovative pieces of communication (which your leaders deliver). We accompany leaders through the anxiety-provoking process of supporting and ‘holding’ the organisation while it struggles to respond to the challenges set, providing innovative ways of ‘measuring’ progress through self-reflective exercises whether on-line or in paper form. We also bring targetted support to particular individuals’ attempted behaviour changes, as required.

Recent work includes:

  • Shifting the culture and behaviours across a large manufacturing site
  • Supporting the strengthening of the culture and sense of identity of a global consumer goods business, prior to a possible merger 
  • Supporting the Transformation Director within a local authority to lead according to the culture and behaviours he was seeking to encourage across the Council
  • Helping the leadership team within part of the health service to identify the values by which it wanted to lead the organisation, connecting these to business outcomes and devising an ongoing review process to bring continual attention to the behaviour shifts being attempted.
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