We offer intensive, impactful 1:1 coaching for senior leaders facing complex change challenges.

This could be part of ongoing change and performance improvement work, or a stand-alone arrangement using a mixture of face-to-face and skype or telephone contact.

Key features of our approach are:

  • High-trust relationship that can bear critical feedback
  • Strong connection with the ‘leader’s real work’
  • Powerful diagnostics, linked to leading edge competency models
  • ‘Live’ shadowing and high quality feedback
  • Focus on developing leadership maturity, capacity and resilience
  • Access to materials and frameworks that support new ways of thinking and being

Creating the support plan:

We co-create a specially tailored support plan for each individual, involving key stakeholders in a boundaried way, if possible. This plan is likely to include elements of coaching, experimentation, reading, 1:1 teaching, workplace feedback, specialist mentoring etc.


  • Increased leadership authority and presence
  • Deeper understanding of the systemic forces at play and how to respond to them
  • Greater change leadership capability, with powerful new skills emerging
  • Change outcomes delivered and system capacity built!
Integral ChangeContact: To talk about executive coaching options for you or other Senior Leaders in your organisation please contact us.

Ways to get started

Usually we meet with the person sponsoring the coaching first, particularly if there are several people requiring support. Then each individual is offered a first coaching session with no strings attached. After this, if there’s a good ‘personal’ fit, we’ll work with you to agree a framework for the work ahead.

We offer reductions for start-up businesses, social enterprises and third sector clients.

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