We offer organisations a highly bespoke, ‘all-in-one’ organisational change service.  We also provide tailored sub-elements of this service in stand-alone forms – such as ‘leadership development’ and ‘strategic change advice’ – for clients requiring more focused forms of assistance.

Change & Performance Improvement

Leaders embarked on organisational change need a trusted partner able to ‘see the whole’ and provide clarity, creativity and steadiness through the inevitable twists and turns of the journey.

We provide an intimate service that uses focused interventions and the inherent interest and energy within the organisation to deliver surprisingly large-scale and deep-reaching change.

This work tends to require an integrated set of complementary services: supporting the client in diagnosing what’s required, creating change plans, designing interventions, executive coaching, team development, measuring progress and adjusting as we go, building capability and so on.

Assignments typically vary from 3 months to 2 years.

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Leadership Development 

Our leadership development work is uniquely tailored to the wider objectives of the organisation – whether this takes the form of off-site programmes, on-site skilling sessions or 1:1 coaching.

Our particular skill lies in  supporting individuals and teams to grow their leadership capability and fulfil their potential – while remaining in clear service of the organisation’s goals.

Indeed, our experience suggests that it is precisely through harnessing the power of the wider system’s movement and objectives that an individual or team’s growth becomes especially galvanised and supported.

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A vital task for any leader embarked on change is to face the truth of their ‘current reality’. We offer a wide range of tools and techniques for uncovering this at organisational, team and individual levels.

These tools can be applied at the start of any change, or as an intervention within the change process, and also as a way of tracking progress over time.

We specialise in offering diagnostic feedback in a way that enables high-quality engagement, considered interpretation and feels supportive of good next steps.

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Change Strategy & Advice

Even the most skilled and experienced leaders can feel uncertain and unsure of their options when facing the need for change.

We provide a confidential space for leaders to explore their change dilemmas and to access our experience and knowledge as a way of supporting wise steps forward.

Clients seem to appreciate the levels of trust that grow as we support them in this delicate work.  They also value the wide range of tried-and-tested frameworks and creative possibilities that we offer into this explorative space.

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Mobilising Networks

Both internal and external networks are playing an increasingly important part in successful organisational change.

We are experienced in bringing deft forms of facilitation and capacity-building to such networks, in order to maximise their contribution to any change, and also to grow new individual and organisational capabilities in the process.

For example, we can help train and support ‘networks’ of internal change agents – which often need external perspectives and support in order to be effective.

We are also experienced in growing and supporting networks of change professionals and leaders from different, but related, organisations who are seeking to collaborate and learn together.

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