Change Strategy and Advice

Even the most skilled and experienced leaders can feel uncertain of the way ahead when facing the need for change.  So we provide a confidential space for leaders to explore their change dilemmas and to access our experience and knowledge as a way of supporting wise steps forward.

How we work

Our approach is to listen carefully and to ask good questions in order to clarify the context and issues in play.

Sometimes this is all a leader needs!

When invited, we can also share stories of similar situations we’ve worked in, along with some change frameworks and tools that may be appropriate given the situation being described.

Sometimes these models are drawn from ‘Making Sense of Change Management‘ – now in its 4th Edition – co-authored by Co-Founder, Esther Cameron.

Our skill lies in being highly sensitive to the range of issues in play, seeing these at a whole system level, and then tailoring our advice and support to both the specific context and individual need.

Integral ChangeContact: To talk about your organisation and how our services and experience may be of benefit please contact us.

Typical Examples

  • an advisory partnership with the Director General of a Whitehall department over a 2-year period
  • change advice for an HR Director facing significant disruption to her department
  • getting alongside the CEO of a FTSE 250 company as he faced the need for a radical change to his top team
  • providing the MD of a finance business with a ‘second opinion’ on the proposed transformation approach of a ‘Big Four’ consulting firm
  • delivering 1:1 advice to an MD of a start-up needing to define and embed a distinctive organisational culture – which extended to a top-team workshop
  • helping an MD of a UK energy business to understand and face the ‘rumblings of discontent’ regarding his leadership from within middle-management
  • mapping out for the the MD of an oil refinery the interconnecting elements of a whole-system performance improvement and culture change initiative

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How to get started

  • Simply get in touch and set up an initial 45 minute consultation to clarify your potential need and test the chemistry!
  • Ask us to put you in touch with a recent client, who can explain the sort of help s/he has received and what sort of value this offered
  • Consider how useful it might be to set up some form of personalised ‘advisory partnership’ to advise, support and accompany you through the twists and turns of the change process you are embarked on
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