Leadership Development

We offer many ways of developing your organisation’s leadership – from substantial programmes to short, sharp ‘skilling sessions’, to team development work, to 1:1 coaching. We are passionate about supporting individuals and teams to grow their leadership capability and fulfill their potential, and this is a core thread of all our organisational work.

How we work

We strongly believe that leaders respond best when the content and style of any development initiative is grounded in, and energised by, the immediate needs and aims of the organisation.

This tends to mean building a strong working relationship with relevant line leaders – perhaps to shape the contents of any programme, or to co-create a team development agenda, and certainly to be part of the ongoing ‘challenge and support’ structure that will ensure individuals make progress and deliver value back into their organisation.

Development focus

Our approach is to support leaders to build resilience through taking greater ownership and bringing improved rigour and care to the basics. This is done while growing their capacity as individuals, and perhaps as a team, to become ever more able to handle complexity and uncertainty.

We are highly experienced in working both 1:1 and in groups – underpinned by many year’s training in systemic, Gestalt, pedagogic and large group methods – to deliver highly tuned, personalised development experiences.

Underpinning frameworks

Our work draws on a wide range of leadership thinking and research, and is often informed by the Five Leadership Qualities model.  In this we believe in building on existing strengths, as well as addressing blind-spots and weaknesses – to the extent that the client is open to this.

In our change leadership teaching and facilitation work we also draw on our ‘Change Leadership Pathway‘. In this, we recognise the need for leaders to find frameworks that help the multi-layered, iterative nature of change processes to be understood and worked with.

Integral ChangeContact: To talk about your organisation and how our services and experience may be of benefit please contact us.

Some typical examples

These are all ways that we have helped clients in recent years:-

  • helping to form and develop new leadership teams as part of the implementation of a New Operating Model across a European steel business
  • 1:1 coaching for a Director-General within Whitehall, the Head of Production in an oil and gas business, a Finance Director in the FMCG sector…
  • Change leadership skilling for an Executive Team needing to lead a deep cultural change process, following a ‘Leadership Maturity’ diagnostic
  • intimate, in-situ feedback and coaching for middle-leaders within a large manufacturing business embarked on a performance improvement and culture change initiative
  • designing and running an 8 month leadership programme (x2) for 56 African, Indian and Afrikaans middle-leaders in South Africa – supported by a FROM – TO leadership improvement agenda
  • providing 1:1 change leadership coaching for members of an Executive Team over a 6-month period, to support the implementation of a new operating model
  • change leadership skilling for CEO of a FTSE 250 business, following a ‘Dominant Needs Analysis’ (DNA) psychometric
  • delivering short, sharp lunchtime skilling modules for a financial services company in the City

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Ways to get started…

We offer of a variety of ways into developing your and others’ leadership:-

  • first, set up an exploratory conversation with one of us to talk through your sense of  development needs and how they can be addressed. Then we can do some or all of the following…
  • run a diagnostic process, and see what it suggests
  • offer you ideas about how you could structure a leadership development programme over x months…
  • propose a programme of 1:1s and team development session to build the leadership capability of your top team
  • map out a 1:1 coaching process for key individuals – off-site or within the workplace
  • arrange a series of lunchtime ‘skilling sessions’for mid-level leaders – devised to address particular leadership weaknesses


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