Change & Performance Improvement

We work with organisations facing complex or large-scale change who require an ‘all-in-one’ service. This means we support you throughout the process, from deciding what’s required right through to sustaining progress.

How we work

Typically, this work involves conversations with the change sponsor and the use of a tailored diagnostic, followed by strategic, advisory conversations with relevant leaders and the landing of a change agenda. This is then followed by change planning, leading to the co-design and delivery of a range of specific ‘change interventions’, while also growing leadership skills and building organisational capability in the process.

Our success lies in how we build ‘high-challenge – high-support’ relationships with key leaders and trust across the wider organisation such that the whole system feels ownership and capability in relation to the change rather than feeling ‘done to’ by an army of consultants.

Core change principles

At the heart of our approach is our ability to support clients to plan for, and work with, the iterative and multi-layered nature of organisational change. This means doing sufficient structured planning, yet remaining responsive to how the organisation responds, tracking progress at a number of levels and providing the right sort of leadership at just the right time.

We provide an intimate service that uses precise, subtle interventions to unleash the inherent interest and energy within the organisation. This often delivers surprisingly large-scale and deep-reaching change.

We have learned that it’s important to take a systemic approach to our change work, addressing underlying levers while delivering clear progress against more straightforward measures of success. This ensures continuous improvement and sustained change once our work is over. 

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Typical examples

We have supported complex change and delivered clear value across a wide-range of contexts:- culture change and performance improvement, implementing a New Operating Model, staff engagement and leadership capability-building following a Big Four-led restructure, IT-driven transformation, resolving destructive inter-personal dynamics across a Department, implementing a Digitisation strategy, defining and developing a start-up culture, post-aquisition integration, growing a leadership culture of alignment across a mixed-race business full of silos – and so on!

Typical change interventions – beyond the diagnosis and leadership capability-building elements – include:- clarifying and aligning around a FROM – TO agenda, in-house work-shops and residential off-sites, supporting management cascades and employee engagement, team and individual coaching (sometimes within ‘live’ meetings), design and facilitation of Extended Leadership Team (ELT) events , partnering the HR function and growing internal change team capability, and use of real-time change-tracking tools.

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How to get started…

  • This work often begins with a conversation – frequently when the change leader/sponsor is unsure how to proceed.  This might lead to the beginnings of some change advice…
  • Or, the above might need to be informed by some diagnostic data…  We can suggest the most appropriate approach to flushing out data that will be of most value – and doing this in a way that builds relationship and therefore a favourable context for the change to unfold.
  • You may be clear that the work needs to start with building leadership skills – to enable the relevant leadership group to own and lead the change to come.  This could also help you become clearer about capability gaps and where, exactly, you and your colleagues need external support.

Of course, every situation is different.  Please be in touch to discuss your particular circumstances and how you might best move forward.

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